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Innovative in-house production systems, design and product quality, a reliable worldwide distribution network: this is the LM Medical Division identity, a leading company whose core business for thirty years has been the production of bed head trunking and pendants solutions for all hospital wards, intensive care and surgical units. Ergonomic design, aesthetic quality and technical accuracy are the benchmarks that make us valued worldwide. LM Medical Division have emerged to become one of the most sought after players, capable of delivering high quality technical products and solutions to meet the needs of medical staff and patients. Our mission? Genuine and absolute commitment to healthcare through innovative products.We manufacture and market medical supply units, privacy and protective wall solutions. Our goal? To enhance the hospital environment thanks to a comprehensive range of medical equipment products and solutions designed to comply and meet the needs of both staff and patients in today`s healthcare environment. How we do it? We are proud to have a highly skilled team of professionals who are relentless in striving to create innovative design and high end quality, which is the only standard we allow for all our medical devices and solutions. That is why we have fully embraced the “MADE IN ITALY” philosophy: a synonym of Style, durability and tailored functionality.

LM Values

Dynamism and innovation are LM Medical Division’s key points, a multi-task group of specialists that works tirelessly and wholeheartedly on always different challenging projects. Why are we so successful? Attention to our product’s detail and the flexibility to meet the needs of our clients, implementing updated research and development processes that go hand in hand with constantly changing market demands. This genuine commitment has allowed us to expand rapidly on an international scale making LM Medical Division a remarkable business model in the medical equipment industry. Each of our products is the tangible result of a long elaborate process: we investigate market needs on a constant basis thanks to our sales and marketing team, so that we have the very up-to-theminute trends and feedback, based on which we carry out a steady improvement program. The whole process aims to refine, especially all those technical requirements, allowing us to comply to all international standards: our responsibility is to guarantee the maximum reliability for all medical staff and inpatients.

LM in numeri

hospital wards installed worldwide in the last three years
bed head units manufactured each year
different product configurations
professionals in our recently built headquarters
+ distributors worldwide

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