All the advantages of the range:

The panels are supplied in different ranges up to 10 kVA, in order to meet all the possible applications required in the medical spaces. The possibility of customization of the panel is extremely wide, since each version is characterized by a considerable number of configurations for auxiliary and spare circuits, as required from the customer.
These features allow to create personalized panels with additional switches and different nominal currents.


  • Automatic transfer switching device
  • Voltage monitoring line 1/2 (input) and line 3 (output)
  • Transfer switching time: t≤5 … 15 s
  • Isolation resistance
  • Load and temperature monitoring for IT system transformer
  • 5 automatic bipolar switches
  • Isolation transformer (3.000 -10.000 va)
  • RS-485 interface with BMS protocol
  • Connection with alarm signal panels and control panel
  • Steel plate structure in accordance with the Regulation CEI 64-8;V2:2015,sec. 710.510.101

The panels for medical use are considered as “Class II electromedical devices with metal case” in accordance to the article 14.2 of the regulation CEI EN 60601-1 (CEI 625). In each panel the total selectivity is guaranteed, ensuring in this way the continuity of the service in the circuits not effected by the breakdown. In addition the panels are provided with forced ventilation. The maximum operative safety for the medical staff is supported from the remote panels too, which are able to signal pre-alarms (through visual signals) and alarms (through both visual and acoustic signals). The isolating transformer, in accordance with the regulation 61558-2-15, ensures complete electrical segregations between the utiliser and the electric net, avoiding dangerous leakage currents in case of accidental contact. Moreover the isolating transformers
are provided with a probe Pt100, enable to detect the values of the transformer working temperature, guaranteeing the real-time monitoring of the operative conditions.

The medical isolation panels are provided with isolation transformer, automatic transfer switching device that integrates all the monitoring components indicated in the Regulations CEI 64-8;V2:2015-08 and the Regulation IEC 60364-7-710 for the IT-M systems, that are: o Automatic transfer switching device and monitoring unearthed power supply

Automatic transfer switching devices with monitoring


Power supplies for sensitive equipment used in Group 2 medical locations,
for example, must function safely and reliably even under fault conditions.
A major contribution to achieve this are two redundant supplies and the design of an unearthed power supply system (IT system).


  • Automatic changeover to the second (redundant) line on loss of the preferred supply voltage or when the values are outside the permissible
    voltage range
  • Automatic return to the preferred line on voltage recovery

The switching devices provide all functions for changeover between two independent power supplies and for monitoring unearthed power supplies.


Perfectly suitable for space-saving installation/retrofitting

  • Compact device for designing safety power supplies with functional safety more easily, in accordance with DIN VDE 61508 (SIL 2) e.g. for Group 2 medical locations in compliance with IEC 60364-7-710:2002/DIN VDE 0100-710 (VDE 0100-710)
  • The Integration of both the switching elements and the IT system monitoring electronics In one compact device provides increased safety and availability
  • All-in-one: integration of switch disconnector, control and monitoring electronics for unearthed safety power supplies
  • Solutions for any application


The monitoring devices are equipments for DIN35 rail in accordance with the regulation 61557-8, which beyond the measure of the isolation resistance, even allow the control of the excess temperature (through probe Pt100) of the transformer, adopting in this way the recommendations included in the regulation CEI 64-8/7 2007. They are provided with a 2 lines display with 8 characters for each one (dot matrix), which allows to view all the parameters and to set up the values.

  • Measuring of the isolation resistance of the circuit (50-500 Kohm)
  • Measuring of the excess temperature of the transformer (60-150C°)
  • Possibility of setting up alarms and pre-alarms. 2 lines display with 8 characters for each one, which allows to set up the limit values of the monitored parameters.


The remote panels, essential for the visual and acoustic signal are provided completed with a mounting box. The panels are connected to the isolation monitoring devices through specific terminal blocks arranged in the medical
The medical panel is supplied with a panel for each monitoring device, but according to the specific request, it is possible to order further ones from the catalogue.

  • Double alarm signal visual and acoustic, with the possibility of silencing the latter
  • Installation on the mounting box 503E included

Insulation fault locator EDS

The insulation fault locators EDS are designed for insulation fault location.

In unearthed power supplies (IT systems). The locating current pulse generated by the EDS are detected using the integrated measuring current transformers and evaluated by the insulation fault locators.

The integration of six measuring current transformers in an EDS permits all current-carrying conductors of an outgoing line to be routed through. The
response time for an alarm message inclusively indication on the respective display device is max.8 s.

A total of 88 EDS devices can be connected via an RS-485 interface (BMS protocol). Hence, up to 528 circuits can be monitored. Activities on the BMS bus are indicated by an alarm LED.

OPTION CONNECTIONS with software client

accessible from any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone without having to download any applications. Compatible with most popular browsers gives you access and functionality INSIDE THE HOSPITAL NETWORK, whit the possibility of data backup.

accessible from any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone without having to download any applications. Compatible with most popular browsers gives you access and functionality WHEREVER YOU ARE, whit the possibility of data backup.

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